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ESGi Solution

ESGi is an innovative, scalable software solution, built to help financial institutions comply with the growing number of complex ESG reporting obligations. These include mandatory disclosures like the EU's SFDR product level reporting regulation or the ESG listing rules on major exchanges, as well as voluntary reporting like tracking and reporting Net Zero transition of portfolios. By consolidating multiple ESG reporting needs into a single solution, our clients benefit from much greater transparency and can achieve significant efficiencies.
Converts complex reporting requirements into transparent system logic
Supports multiple mandatory and voluntary ESG reporting requirements in one solution
Provides real time publication and challenge of investee and customer ESG data

ESGi the trusted data source for sustainable finance

ESGi Data

Is collected through multiple channels including automated data capture and self-reporting
Is aligned to your individual needs for both company and field coverage
Is based on atomic level data collection with evidence to build trust, no opaque scoring

Source credible ESG data using our ESGi API's

ESGi Marketplace API's

Collect and source credible ESG data using our ESGi API's

ESGi - Latest News

Undivided Ventures
Case Study: Simplifying Impact Reporting
"ESGi's streamlined and integrated approach allows us to closely collaborate with our Portfolio Companies and provide them with the support they need the most, to deliver on their business and impact objectives."
Click here to read more.
Latest News
ESGi Marketplace API's
We are excited to announce that we have launched our latest ESGi API, delivering company ESG metrics and targets with supporting evidence. This is now available through our first partner,
Latest News
ESGi Cloud Data Service Milestone
The ESGi Cloud Data Service has passed an important milestone with ESG data collected on over 1500 SBTi companies that are frequently found in sustainable investment portfolios. Click here to read more about our unique approach.
Latest News
Capturing Sustainability Targets
As more and more major companies report their sustainability targets, we are pleased to announce that ESGi can now support the collection and ongoing maintenance of Sustainability Targets data in a structured digital model. Click here to read more.